snow326 power

goodnight. see you next spring.


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6 Responses to snow326 power

  1. Robb.F says:

    You don’t cover it? Does the snow not damage it? and if you have a few feet of snow on top of your car is it possible to dent the roof?

    And thanks for not operating the snow plow in the snow season, I DO remember last year, and watching the vids of you drifting and smashing you shit.

    • nathanong87 says:

      well it started to snow when i was at work (the t.v told me it would snow in the night, so i was prepared to cover it yesterday) Also, last year we had snowmaggedon (2+ feet of snow, probably like 50+ inches over a 3 week period) and my roof didn’t dent/cave in. It probably has to do with the weight being spread over the whole roof….my car look awesomely slammed with all that snow though! Yea if i’m going to make it into 2011 looking “decent” …. no driving in the winter for me. It would be dumb too because i DO have a daily… lol

  2. REVGASM says:

    this could possibly the best photo of the year

  3. s14fbs says:

    man im in the baltimore area and shit and its like warm i had to put my shorts on at work
    did i bring the florida weather with me ?

  4. s14fbs says:

    i was friday-sat im in dirty jersey now and then off to chicago monday morning lol

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