inspiration sans headlights?…hrmmmm


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10 Responses to 2011?

  1. Knoop says:

    Please no giant wing, please no 17/18, please yes 18 all around TE37s!

  2. robb says:

    I agree, no giant wing, if your getting an itch for a giant wing, go with a bh style kouki on the zenki.

    also dont really like the black side mirrors on the s14. nor the kouki front end.
    I know you said sans front end, but when I first saw this post my brain exploded when I saw new for 2011 and a red kouki. I thought you were going to the lame side. no offense knoop.

  3. go big wing and dished 17/18 wheels for 2011. or atleast bn hood

  4. rich says:

    heyyyy that looks sorta like what i have on my drawing board..:p

  5. I think your car wins right now…

  6. Chris says:

    Meh, no concave or white for you. I’ll say it again, you need big dished blingers.

  7. Marley says:

    Yo nate, i have a kouki carbon fiber hood and front bumper im thinking of selling. Get a hold of papa if u want it

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