2010 Zenki Award Results!

Most “Pro Zenki”

Recently after talking to him about the upcoming 2011 season , I think yal will love his 2011 look…. or you’ll complain about it on the internet…. There is some irony to the results of this category.

1. Matt Powers

2. Rocket Bunny Guy from UK.

The “Had it All” Award

Although he’s a nameless bloke on zilvia, the “redcarfromNewstrailia” was one of the cars that I was literally did not want to believe was parted =(. Sadly Rich , my doppleganger of old, sold his car ONLY to learn that the new owner crashed it… ALL the nominees will be missed dearly.

1-t. Red NZ Car

1-t. Yingiang

2-t. John Kim

2-t. 240sxdriftin

The “Low Zenki” Award:

Miggy’s car makes me want to call protective services on the beatings he gives his axles. I really can’t comprehend how he can drive anywhere. Dave Hamburglar’s car is another one of those cars which if any lower, would be subterranean.

1. Miggy

2. Fckillerbee

The “Coveted Stock Body” Award:

Ash’s car has really one of THE finest examples of a stock bodied zenki that I think exists. Despite the kouki wing, he’s stayed true to zenki styling with the navan, sides, and tails.  Not only that, but those vs-xx he has are simply money…love the fitment, love the lip and offset choices.  With the whitecarfromTX, the wheels overpower the amount of neg camber and just make it work (no pun intended).

1. Smashed

2. WhiteCarfromTXonEurolineSls

The “Daily Driven” Award:

I wish we had florida weather here in MD, so i could daily my car, but putting a lot of miles on cars is cool to me, as i commuted 60+ miles a day during college. Street time > Seat time (Soapgun).

1. s14fbs

2. vas570sx

The “Aftermarket Body” Award:

I appreciate people nominating me for a category and all the kind words people have for me on the interwebz and in real life (sometimes). As for me, i dont think my car is that special. On the other hand Daniel Ressa is really doing zenki owner’s proud with his styling. He has alot of quality parts, puts time in piecing them together!

1. Nathanong87

2. Icedsole

The “Wheel Setup” Award:

0. Smashed (winner of the “stock body” award)

Officially by total votes, Ash also won the wheel setup award as well, but as per the nathan-spec rules, no one can win two categories. Here is another testament to Daniel’s car in which his car’s overall stance and wheel choice is impeccable. Dan An’s, fitment is something you need to see in person…. it’s one of those “WTF” moments that you have haha.

1. Icedsole

2. 99maxgtr

The “Grass Roots” Award:

I’ve followed the stuntman-o build thread on ZT and there is no question that the car has been built well. I think he’s pulled off a somewhat tough aero choice and has can drive the piss out of that car. Not to mention his crash video was soo cool because of how calm he was when going through a fence! Sil-014 hails from Newstrailia and proves to us all that you can drive nice* cars on track!

1. Stuntman

2. Sil-014

The “Most anticipated” Award:

I had nominated slideways2004 because of blog lurking essence garage and seeing this cool project that was in the works in TX. Hopefully 2011 will be a big year and the motor shown here will be put to good use! Mark had a pretty big year in 2010 reviving the s14 and teasing the country with his rocket bunny front view pictures. I think it’s easy to say that anything he does is anticipated simply because he’s fatlace mark.

1. slideways2004

2. Mark Fatlace

Thanks to everyone who voted! Please leave any comments or feedback! Feel free to propose some categories for Zenki Awards 2011 =) I’m hoping to see 2011 unite more zenkis!


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12 Responses to 2010 Zenki Award Results!

  1. Drama says:

    Congrats to everyone! Hopefully I get my 240 in time to be in next years awards!

    And the white S14 with SL’s is owned by my friend Christian. Texas rep!!

  2. love this….. kinda makes me wanna do a s13 hatch one.

    Btw Rocket Bunny guy from UK is Mitto Steele !

  3. Imran Rashid says:

    Thanks for the nomination and hosting the first annual Zenki Awards!!

    2011 will definitely be a big year for Essence Garage and me.

  4. s14fbs says:

    both daily cars are from florida that just shows we dont give a fuck lol

  5. HAMBURG says:

    Awesome blog…..I’m glad I got to participate in this poll. Nathan…continue to represent!

    +1 for sunny california…all though it’s been raining lately….still makes things easier to daily!

    Congrats to everyone…super cool!

  6. robb says:

    Hey Nate, by irony in the pro catigory does this mean that Matt is going to be running rocket bunny?

    Good job on the polls, next year I should be tits. Already off to a good start for next year and it is technically not even here yet.

  7. Raymond says:

    Congrats to all who won and that were nominated!!!!! I wish and was staying zenki, but Im going to the dark side ;).

  8. bhworld says:

    I agree with most of the winners.
    woo hoo!

  9. rich says:

    thank you nate for doing this ! i know its for fun and all but im sure this means alot to all the zenki owners out there. recognition is always good ! sucks that my new project is going kouki but my heart will always be with zenki!


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