Project : Vector pt 2

small update(s):

  • redid the general outline to allow for rear rim outline.
  • added based color and some highlight colors
  • redid front VSKF outline
  • added headlight base
  • tire outline and hood accent color
  • began interior lines


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8 Responses to Project : Vector pt 2

  1. Jase says:

    Cool beans, man.

    Reckon you could do one of my 80?

    • nathanong87 says:

      haha we’ll see. So far i’m like 5-6 hours into this project and it’s totally frustrating… it’s had that i need lots of motivation to make one of my car =(. If i can finish this one, and get more efficient with doing these I wouldn’t mind doing other cars I like too! 😉

  2. Looks awesome so far man! Did you say you are doing all of this in Photoshop? I pretty much got through design school by vectoring cars all of the time, haha. I always work in Illustrator. I think you have inspired me to make one of my car this week!

    Keep it up, excited to see it done! Maybe we can collaborate when mine is done and make a COOL shirt or sticker or something, haha.

    • nathanong87 says:

      haha yea man that would be cool. I am only self taught in photoshop (the product of being really bored). I dont know how to effeciently use illustrator, but everyone tells me it’s wayyy more awesome / easier for actual vectors. FML. Thanks for the kind words damon!

  3. toan says:

    your car caused quite a stir on the local forum. hah!

  4. robb says:


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