my only regret

was that i passed up the opportunity to buy a pair of these TWICE….neon accelerators have been discontinued since like….2000.


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2 Responses to my only regret

  1. those are pretty sweet. at what price did they run when you passed on them?

    • nathanong87 says:

      first time i passed was when i was playing soccer in italy for summer 02′ with my maryland ODP team. i believe they were about 250$ (which at the time was REALLY expensive for a pair of cleats, as 200$ was already the most expensive)….

      Second time i passed was on ebay probably 3 years ago, in which they were around 275$ for the pair…. i waited and waited, then because of school (possibly) i forget and never saw them again….

      today, i’d pay ALOT of money for a new-ish pair in my size.

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