rooney unreal.

when he’s ‘on’ , easily top 3 strikers in the world.

since they removed the video due to copyright(s), i’ll post a picture that pretty much sums up what the video shows.


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13 Responses to rooney unreal.

  1. dasis300 says:

    still a douche in real life, and a Cock according to Top Gear lol

    • nathanong87 says:

      good thing i dont take top gear THAT seriously lol. rooney used to be way too “bullish” on and off the field because he was so young, but honestly as of late i’ve had alot of respect for him on the football pitch (his attitude towards the team and refs has gotten better)

      • dasis300 says:

        i haven’t seen him play as of late, after i read how he is off the field and how he acts like he’s the sh*t…i was like NO SIR

        never actually knew you were into futbol lol

  2. nathanong87 says:

    yea man i’ve been an avid follower of manchester united since the 1999 treble winning season! (the year after i started playing travel soccer and watching european football). It’s certainly a passion of mine to play and watch my team(s)!

  3. VYKTR says:

    Wow Cool To See You Are Into Soccer 🙂 Dude I Just Added You To My Blogroll!

  4. dasis300 says:

    Nate, dunno how to msg you, you seen this?

    Top Gear dissing Man. United hahaha!

    • nathanong87 says:

      yea i saw that on the latest episode. top gear’s issue(s) with football is that they frown upon it because of the stereotypical cars that football players buy (analogous to the stereotypical cars that basketball players buy here in the states) It’s been stated many times that none of the commentators for TG actually care about football. I dont think they actually dislike man u specifically, but naming man U is like naming the LA LAKERs or the NY yankees. They are one of the biggest most recognizable teams in the world where everyone (including viewers from the USA) will probably know who wayne rooney is. haha i watch TG for entertainment value not for actual reviews of football teams or even cars really.

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