ORC Ogura Racing Clutch #1

clutch kick clutch kick! get that mod list UP


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8 Responses to ORC Ogura Racing Clutch #1

  1. shayan says:

    :0 how much?!
    im debating whether or not i should save up for some os giken madness

    • nathanong87 says:

      I got a hookup from my buddy jonny (irony.cc)! Came with new clutch disc and pressure plate (shown left) . Also the flywheel has been resurfaced ! Mint !!! Can’t wait 🙂

      • shayan says:

        cant wait till i get enough money for my blasted exedy oem replacement clutch to be, well, replaced…

  2. Raymond says:

    Nice!!! I plan on getting a carbonetic single plate in the near future I hope..

  3. robb says:

    more sweets for the milkshake huh?

  4. Mr Steve says:

    Errbody gotta replace that clutch. Got a ACT 6-puck sprung for myself.

  5. Chan says:

    I just got a set of Orc twin plate for my 26 years rx 7 fc at jb for 4k rm…
    But is a 2nd hand the Ower say he only use once and to me it ready look 95% new I really dunno how much it Cost for a new set but the work shop guy say is a good buy…. any 1 know how much a new set cost? Tq…

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