wash and wax

well the weekend was quite relaxed and maryland saw 70deg weather for the first time (i think).  no “real” updates , but this is probably the first time i clayed and waxed the car since the new paint in october. I dont know really anything about taking care of a car, but it seems to have made a difference (i think).  Also this picture was taken prior to putting new tires on VSKF, so lugging around 2vskf w/bald tires + new tires and full interior with 8pt cage is nearly impossible… passenger door bar and seat were taken out. it’s rainy today, but i’m really looking forward to warm(er) weather.

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4 Responses to wash and wax

  1. s0apgun says:

    Needs lots more negative camber breh!

  2. shayan says:

    make em say unghhhhhhhhh

  3. seuth says:

    holy fuck you got signals, didnt think anyone else used them besides me. *repped*

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