wunderboy 1.23.529 @ aus gp

this pole lap was unreal + without the use of KERS. probably another dream job…driving f1. haha =)


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2 Responses to wunderboy 1.23.529 @ aus gp

  1. brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    Nate, what is KERS?
    Would you wear “road bike gear” just to hang out around town?
    If your wife told you that you COULD NOT get a Honda Fit, would you be upset?
    Why is the sky blue?

    • nathanong87 says:

      lol quizmaster jonny!

      KERS = kinetic energy recovery system , which pretty much uses braking energy and converts it to HP that can be deployed with a button on your steering wheel . this system was brought back from formula 1 2009.

      also yes, i wear my road bike gear all the time!

      and i’d hope my wife wants a honda fit too =P

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