drew yates

played against him more times than with him. seriously one of the best i’ve played with. he always seems to elude defenders and is great with both feet. I hope he gets to MLS one day!


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3 Responses to drew yates

  1. shayan says:

    god damn those left foot shots are so precise, pretty much identical to his right foot kicks.

    • nathanong87 says:

      yea he is great with both feet. like impossible to defend because you never knew which was his more dominant foot. he’s very fluid with the ball and the only reason that he wasn’t drafted (imho) was because he’s not like blisteringly fast. he’s playing a-league (one below mls right now).

      • shayan says:

        yeah i cant even tell which he’s biased towards, both are so in sync that its hard to follow.

        good luck to him man, i wish i had that much skill

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