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i successfully called the semi final first legs correct , and will continue to say it’ll be a man utd v barca final. unfortunately for my team, i dont think any defense in the world can contain messi…

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lol ray hudson

“messi brilliant messi magic messi BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

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pic by jonny

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i’m dreaming

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i dig

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orc #1

409d, like 450 miles of break in left [sad face]. much stiffer than my old nismo. i’ll make sure i bring my muscle legs for those first crutch kicks at e-town! WOOT

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Button brings the lolz

2011 China Grand Prix recap Poor start by Vettel Hamilton drove like an animal Tire Strategy is awesome Webber goes from 18th to 3rd place! O.o and this, haha jenson! (still one of my fav drivers!)

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chelly brossum

i want a honda fit.

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holy moly

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lol petrov

awesome @ malaysia

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