i’m not new to the blogging world perse, but i figured that i’d make a spot on the net to post pictures of cars i like, videos i like, things i like, and maybe some of my own car (which isn’t too exciting). It’s not that serious of a blog, just something to pass the time.



6 Responses to About

  1. Morgan says:

    Your blog rocks!

  2. Awesome blog bro! Just picked up a S14 Zenki. Read through 8 pages of your blog. Some really good stuff. Keep it up!

  3. Aaron Kellogg says:

    Random question but I saw your Caad10 on slamthatsem (great build by the way) and noticed you had a mount for you edge 500 I haven’t seen before. I was wondering where you got it and if you had any information about you give me. Thanks. -Aaron

  4. Hideaki says:

    Awesome blog! good job, nice silvias 😀
    Nate can i get your email? I need to ask something about your silvia.

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